The Quest for Contentment

contentment (noun): a state of happiness and satisfaction

What makes you content? What is your perfect day that fills you with complete happiness?

My idea of a perfect day would be this:

I would wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee being brewed. After slipping on my favorite sweat pants, I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch (ideally, this porch would be in North Carolina during the fall) while spending quiet time with God. Then I would chow on some French toast. Now that I’m fueled up, I’ll take a hike in the mountains. Four hundred calories lighter, I’ll head to my favorite local eatery for a lunch date with a friend.After lunch I may go shopping at my favorite downtown district or head to my favorite coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up. Of course I’ll make dinner for the family, or husband, or whoever is around. We’ll end the night with a bonfire and share stories over s’mores. Before I go to bed I’ll make sure to express my love to my family, and I’ll finish the night bowing my head to say my prayers.

Okay… so obviously there is no way this is a realistic day, for me at least. A: I don’t live in North Carolina. B: Don’t I have a job? Or more responsibilities (like volleyball and school)?

This may be a perfect day that is achievable on the weekends or vacation but it isn’t something that’s realistically occurring day-to-day.

What we must learn to do is how to be content in our everyday lives, which includes stressful days of work or long hours of practice.

I believe in order to successfully reach a state of full contentment, we must realize that perfection is unattainable.

We have to learn how to be content even in the most stressful of days, knowing that we are striving for something greater than ourselves. And that my friends is: Jesus.

Once we realize that we are not on the Earth to glorify ourselves, but that we are here to glorify God, we do not get caught up on the small, materialistic things. Instead, we realize everything happens for a reason and we can be confident that reason is all a part of God’s plan.

For me personally, it’s comforting and terrifying knowing that I’m living for someone greater than myself. Comforting because I may not get to enjoy coffee on the porch every morning, but I can still be content with the day because I am loved by the one and only King. Terrifying because I am no where close to His level of love, patience and grace. But I know that I am worthy because I was washed with Jesus’ blood.

“But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” | 1 Corinthians 6:11

There are going to be times where we feel like there is no will in us to push forward. We grow weak, tired and weary. Hebrews 12 tells us to run the race with perseverance. When we keep our eyes fixed on the Lord the sin and shame is lifted from our shoulders and our endurance grows. God is the one cheering us on from the sideline to push through the pain, the doubt, the fatigue and the insecurities.

My quest for contentment ended with Jesus, where will yours end?

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