Remaining Alive

It’s been said that the greatest gift of life is life itself.

Personally, I believe this gift is not appreciated as often as it should be. Do you thank God every morning you wake up for giving you the opportunity to live another day? As we go through life and the days begin to blend together between busy works weeks, school, sports (or whatever may be consuming our time) we begin to forget how blessed we are to have the gift of life.

It is disappointing that it takes the death of a loved one or a similar tragedy for us to wake up and discover the lack of living we are doing.

“The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.”

I believe it is through living that we discover and conquer this meaning.

Most people distinguish between the words life and live by their different parts of speech, but I believe there is more meaning beyond the fact that one’s a noun and one’s a verb.

Here are the definitions of life and live –

life (noun): the existence of an individual human being

live (verb): to remain alive

The definition of life states that we exist, but the word live is defined as remaining alive. Those who just exist are the ones who face regret and remorse when their time comes because they feel that they never fully lived.

The word live is defined by ones experiences. Each person’s definition of living is different due to the fact that we are unique individuals and experience happiness and love in our own ways. It will be easier for those who lived to accept that their time on Earth is finished. These people do not fear death because they lived and conquered their purpose during their time on Earth.

We should all strive to be content with our lives. Whether I die when I am 98 or 23, I pray that the extent to which I lived allows me to accept death.

So how do you live? We are constantly seeking an answer for this question. The answer will vary by what you believe, what you value, and what you enjoy doing – there is no right or wrong answer. Therefore, it is up to you to discover your own definition of living.

My definition of living is centered around the Heavenly King. I began living  when I accepted Christ.  He transformed my heart into one that sees joy in every situation. I wake up each morning, whether my current season has me in a time of work or rest, whether I’m in the valley or on the mountain top, joyful to live another day glorifying my Creator.

“But because of his great love for us, God who is rich in mercy, made you alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions – it is by grace you have been saved.” | Ephesians 2:4-5

Next time you wake up, refrain from immediately grabbing your phone to get up to date on Instagram or Twitter. Instead, try thanking God for giving you the chance to live another day.

As I strive to live each and every day, I am remaining alive. My story is still being written and is marked by the Heavenly King. Every breath is an opportunity to experience His joy.

Today, free yourself of the fear of death – by living with God.

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